Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Into the City of Brass

I have started writing the adventure, Into the City of Brass, the 2nd part final for the RPGA adventure I designed in 1987 for DRAGON CON 1.  This sequel was mentioned in the original but qualification for the tourney at the time was just getting to the City.  This is what happens after entering it!  This will be another offering in our Three Little Books™ line from Three Line Studio.  The two color maps were finished over a month ago. Now comes the fun part...

An ancient rendering of 'Brass that I did in an older paint program BITD.


  1. Yes. I hope to get some Kalibruhn stuff in there too. But since we finished the DVD, then the Sunken City adventure for the DVD release, and the book on Arneson is finished, I am left with updating the website with Nathalie and no other project! It's one of those things, like, you know exactly what you are doing and then you finish three projects at once and then, Huh? What do I do now? Lol! We have more little books to get out, so there you have it, as this is the sequel to the Journey to the City of Brass.

  2. Look forward to an update on this.

  3. Hi Anthony. It's in the works after we are finished releasing a major title next month. Thanks for the interest.